Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Cadillac's Provoq hydrogen fuel-cell powered concept goes on display next week at the 2008 Detroit auto show, as General Motors mounts a systemic blitz of PR ranging from the introduction of the Provoq and and Saturn Vue 2 Mode Hybrid, to the perhaps somewhat less earth-friendly Corvette ZR1.

The Provoq concept looks like that same 2008 Saturn Vue on glamour steroids. And that's not a bad thing. Its lines are smooth, and it looks fall within the realm of believability, even if its propulsion technology is not yet ready for volume production.

Styling is one of this concept's strong points, and its face certainly looks to be a member of the Cadillac family. With a wheelbase of 110 inches (3.4 inches longer than the Vue) and an overall length of 190 inches (ten inches longer than the Vue), the concept Caddy is a true mid-size SUV. In essence it's a thinly disguised look at GM's new compact crossover architecture, with versions being slated for Cadillac and Saab and perhaps other GM divisions.

Optimized for low aerodynamic drag (a key to the future success of electrically-powered hybrids), the nose of the hybrid features a computer-controlled grille that opens as cooling is needed for the powertrain. The undercarriage features a wind-tunnel designed belly pan, and the function rear spoiler helps reduce drag by enabling a smooth release of air off the SUV's roof

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